Both of our boats are outfitted with Simrad Electronics. They offer state of the art performance in chart plotters, depth finders, radar and autopilot. Their gear allows us to find the fish easier and quicker for our guests. These units also allow us to keep an eye on the current weather and forecasts, making things safer during trips.

Mercury: Our fleet sports Mercury Verado engines. Mercury offers incredible technology and performance in their outboards. The emissions, speed and reliability are why we choose to go with them over the competition. A big part of our trips are getting you to the fish as fast and efficient as we can, but the most important thing is getting you back to the dock safely, which Mercury allows us to do time and time again.

XtraTuf: You may or may not have noticed, but keeping your footing while on a boat is pretty important. The last thing that needs to happen is slipping while fighting or landing a fish. That’s why we sport XtraTuf footwear. It ensures safe footing for our captains during the most intense moments of fishing and keeps feet safe from the sharp teeth that come along with the fish themselves.

Marsh Tacky Carbon: At the end of fighting that fish of a lifetime comes the most important part: getting it in the boat. That’s where a Marsh Tacky gaff comes in the clutch. Their products are lightweight and durable, which means securing your catch is no problem. You’ll find their outriggers on our Onslow Bay, which is used to spread our lines out while trolling.

Yeti: One of the biggest factors to charter fishing is the ability for a piece of gear to last long. If it sticks around for more than one season and is still in one piece, then we know it’s the real deal. And Yeti products do just that. From drink ware keeping our beverages frosty to coolers keeping your fish the same way, we’re proud to sport the Yeti brand.

Costa: Whoever said there’s no such thing as bad day on the water has apparently never left their sunglasses at home while out to sea. Shades are arguably as important to being on a boat as a fishing rod. Sort of. Costa offers us some of the clearest lenses on the planet that stand up to ocean spray and glare like no other.

Onslow Bay Boatworks: In our case, the boat you’re on is pretty much your office. That office needs to get you from point A to point B efficiently, quickly, comfortably and safely. That’s why we run an Onslow Bay. This 33 ft. center console has a stepped hull which mean a smoother and more economical ride. 3 engines that total 1050 horsepower assure you’re getting back home if something goes wrong. When you step foot on our Onslow, you’ll feel the difference.

Bazen Custom Rods: When we’re fishing tournaments, often times there is a large amount of money on the line for those involved. Setting baits and fighting your potential winning fish all comes down to the rod you use. We use Bazen Custom Rods for our tournaments because the way a rod is built is the way you catch fish. 

TBA Oudoors: In 2019, a proper web and social presence has never been more important to a properly functioning business. That’s why we wanted the folks at TBA Outdoors taking over the helm for us. We knew we had found the right crew for the job when we saw this whole team absolutely lived and breathed the outdoor lifestyle as much as we did. When they’re not catching reds or hunting mallards, they’re plugging away behind the scenes and screens to make sure their clients have the best looking and performing web platforms available in the outdoor industry. We’re excited to start this new relationship and bring you an amazing digital experience that reflects the experiences we provide on the water.