This is the story of who we are. Let your experience with us help you write your own.

Let’s take things back to the summer of 2014. It was July in Garden City, South Carolina. The air was thick with humidity and the smell of marsh mud. Nestled away in this town was a place called the “FA” at the Garden City Chapel.

This was a beach shack of the highest order. Inside, one would find very sandy carpet, surfboards, fishing rods, exposed insulation, mile high dirty dishes, a few neck braces and some salty fellows that called this place home. It really was the perfect place to cook up an idea for a brand.

The lifestyle here was a dream. One could walk across the street to surf, longboard down to Village Surf Shop, pull out a few redfish from the marsh & cruise to Creek Ratz on a Friday night.

I had an idea for a clothing brand that represented this way of life; something laid back and fishing oriented. Our roots began as a clothing line but would soon transform into much more.

As you can imagine, fishing occupied a good bit of our time here. We would set our “goal fish” to catch every month or so. We focused on that species alone, trying to learn as much as we could about their habits, diet and location in regards to our area. It became an obsession. Finally, October came around. The next fish on our list was the red drum. It was by far our favorite fish that we had studied and we couldn’t wait for the opportunity to catch one of these legendary fish.

After weeks of study, buying tackle and scouting locations, the day came. The bulls (larger fish) were making their migratory run off of the beach. We ventured out, baited up and patiently waited. After a few hours, we were ready to pull anchor and head back to the dock. But the freight train of a redfish that hit our line had other plans. From the moment it was hooked to the moment it swam off was a feeling that is too difficult to describe. The joy that fish brought to us was incredible and is still one of the best days of our lives.

That evening, I had the idea to bring a fishing charter service into the existing brand we had. I knew if there was a way we could bring that feeling to other people, I was going to do it.

Fast forward a few years later to January 2018 and that idea became a reality. We became a fishing charter company. When you step foot on one of our boats, our goal is to share that feeling with you that helped form us into existence.

Stephen Christopher

Why Did We Do This?

When an obsessive passion is instilled in you through years of study, trial and error and experience, you can’t help but want to share that love with other people. Referring back to the story of the first redfish, the moment that was experienced between best friends is something that absolutely should be shared with others.

With many years of on-water experience, Captain Caleb still gets just as pumped when our guests catch their first fish as when he first caught his. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, the feeling stays the same.

Murrells Inlet view

Why This Area?

Murrells Inlet is such a unique area for many reasons. It’s historically known as a fishing village and we’d like to think it lives up to the name. Although it isn’t as big as some closer fisheries, it still offers plenty of opportunity for incredible inshore fishing. It’s a perfect place to run charters, being big enough to house plenty of fish yet small enough to get to spots quickly. This means more fishing time for clients rather than riding time and we’re easily able to get back to the docks quickly for any reason.

We’re lucky enough to be nestled on the Marshwalk, which is waterfront boardwalk that is renowned for its restaurants and views. If your interests revolve around the water, everything is here all in one spot.

We’re proud to call this place home and we hope you love it just as much as we do.

Company Promise

It’s no secret that there are quite a bit of fishing charters in our area. For some, it’s just another job like any other. There’s a difference between a job and a purpose. When you have a pair of captains that obsess over what they do even when they’re not running trips it, nothing but good things will happen. Fortunately, that’s the case for us. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on a boat or even seen a fish in your lifetime; we are going to be there for you. If you’ve caught a million fish, we’re still going to do everything in our power to give you that rush that you’ve experienced time and time again.

We can promise you when it’s your life’s passion to share the things you’ve experienced and love with other people, we will do everything in our power to give you a trip that you will never forget with the people that matter the most.