Gastonia, NC
Boating Experience
OUPV Masters License
About The Captain

Captain Caleb was born and raised in Gastonia, NC. While he was in North Carolina, he spent two years on the UNCC Bass Fishing Team. Caleb grew up in a family of fisherman and has been on a boat since he was a child. Now 29 years old, he’s been in the Murrells Inlet area for 9 years. In those nine years, he has dedicated a majority of his time to learning everything there is to know about any fish that swims in the ocean or inlet.

Capt. Caleb specializes in inshore and nearshore fishing, having knowledge of all the sandbars, oyster beds and backwater in Murrells Inlet. Caleb primarily targets flounder, redfish, and seatrout. Depending on the time of year and water temperature, he also targets spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, sharks and black drum. He has now been a licensed charter captain for 5 years and has earned a great reputation in that time. Capt. Caleb is a well-rounded fisherman and is a natural born teacher.

From seasoned vets with years of experience to kids that have never picked up a rod, he always offers a guiding hand during trips. Caleb can put you on the fish and teach you something along the way. While he is not running charters, he is usually fishing in the inlet and learning new techniques and studying how the fish move, eat, and act in various situations.